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Architecture & Interior Photography:

The right photographs can truly work to highlight the unique architectural style of any building or property. Whether you're looking to sell a property, advertise and market your interior design company, or promote your architectural firm, you can benefit from the excellence in architecture photography services offered by Deborah Scannell Photography.

As a former Interior Designer of 23 years and now an established architecture photography professional, Deborah Scannell appreciates the nuances and features that make different structures stand out. And when you choose to work with Deborah Scannell Photography, you'll benefit from collaborating with someone who values clients and strives to exceed expectations, no matter the project at hand, every time.

Deborah's approach to shooting for the various trades are quite different. She believes that understanding your clients vision is paramount. This will accomplish a favorable outcome and produce images closely in alignment with the clients vision. Her methodology although specific and technical, is adjusted on each shot by shaping her lighting based on the various moods that are to be evoked. Knowing this going in to a shoot is crucial because this will help inform the final composite.  Call her to schedule a consultation or for more information about our services.


Twilight Capture:  This is an 1-2 hour endeavor on site. It starts a few hours prior to sunset. I start shooting and continue all through the sunset, light painting the house when the ambient level decreases.  At the end, when it is dark, I shoot my final brackets. In post all the images - up to 50, are merged and hand-blended into one final image pulling in the perfect amount adjusted color of the glow from the interior window lights. All of the frames are layered in in Photoshop and the composited into one final image. The end result is spectacular and dynamic.

Interior Pano's: capturing the vertical rise of an interior to capture the entire double story from ceiling beams to floor, or an amazing stairway that needs to be told in its entirety. Each section is hand-blended together first, then the top and bottom sections are seamlessly joined using Photoshop. 

An Exterior Pano: comprised of 3-8 vertically shot images of a mountain range scene, processed and stitched together in Photoshop for a smooth and seamless Panoramic.  My equipment: I shoot mainly with the brand new, state-of-the-art, full frame, Sony a7RII and use a Metabones adapter to use my Canon L series lenss for tilt-shift capabilities. I also have several Zeiss Lenses.  I like to shoot with a 24mm Tilt-shift lens and a 17mm tilt-shift lens, as well as the 90mm Tilt-shifts for detail work. This lens enables the photographer to tilt or shift the lens so that we can have perspective control. I sometimes will shoot this into a pano, that once stitched together, does not look like a pano because it is not shot in horizontal mode like a typical panoramic shot. Kind of hard to explain in words but I am able to literally move the lens up and down or left and right without changing the cameras position at all. The lens actually moves off it's axis from the camera. I use as many lights of various power to craft the lights and bounce them in various ways to light the scene. When done right, the result is an image that does not look like it is lit, which is what I am after. I do not like "Flashy" results, only a well lit scene to make it look as natural as possible and knowing how, when and where to put your lights is key. 

Post-production: This is as important as the shoot itself. I strive to "get it right in the camera", but knowing how to process your images in a workflow that is fluid and consistent is vitally important. The color temperature, exposure, and mood should all be relatively consistent. I use Lightroom/Photoshop cc to accomplish. I also HAND-BLEND images together to capture the dynamic range of the room and scene, however, it is done light-handed to produce clean, crisp, eye-popping imagery with no cartoony, muddy, flashy and unnatural results.

Real Estate Photography:

Good, clean and crisp images that are captured in a story-telling-way can really help a property sell. So if you're an RE agent in search of a top notch photographer that knows how to showcase your listing in the best light, or attract buyers to purchase a commercial complex, Deborah Scannell Photography, is here to make it happen. Hear what other agents have said by reading testimonials and reviews on the testimonials tab.

As an established real estate photography professional, Deborah Scannell Photography, understands that every property is unique. When you hire Deborah Scannell Photography, you can count on receiving excellent service from a true professional who takes pride in producing quality work. No matter the size or layout of your property, Deb can provide the interior and exterior photos you need to market it accordingly. From shoot to receive images is usually about 3-4 days. Beautiful Virtual Tours are also available. Deb Has recently added VIDEO Walk-Thru's. This is an amazing marketing tool and really showcases the home in ways stills just can't. Click here for the online order form and for more info. Estate Order Form

Landscape & Wildlife, Nature, Fine Art Photography:

Asheville based photographer, Deborah Scannell, focuses her talent on capturing Mother Nature's splendor, season after season, along the Appalachian Mountains, the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, National State Parks, Coastal Regions, and abroad.

Deborah's landscape and nature work, in particular, has been featured throughout the Asheville and Western North Carolina region as well as overseas. She is one of the area's most captivating landscape and nature photographers, with a penchant for framing our Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smokey Mountain National Park, and environs in compelling ways. She has expanded her work to include coastal areas such as Maine and Acadia National Park. Deborah often states that "The scene is never the same twice. It morphs and changes even as you watch.

Catch one of her classes at the John C Campbell Folk School. Deb teaches a one week class every year. Contact her for May 2017 class.  Or follow her on Facebook to find the next workshop, which she keeps small so each student has independent time with her in real life shooting environments which include locations like the Blue Ridge Parkway, WNC waterfalls such as Soco Falls, Dry Falls and Looking Glass Falls. She also teaches how to capture great sunsets from the Blue Ridge Mountain's best locations. These workshops also include a post-production video tutorial of an image from the workshop that she captures. The video is meant to share her knowledge of post-production skills, tips and tricks for polishing off your photography. 

� Deborah says "Photography is the intersection of composition, light, and timing. Sometimes it is the absence of light and what is NOT in the image that makes a good image. Knowing what to leave out could be as important as what to include. The absence of light is as important as light itself, as this is what gives shape and form to the subject of your image. Light cannot exist without darkness, and it's that contrast that I work with. Revealing the gradients between light and dark is what we, as photographers, do. It is our artist's pallet."

Advertising Photography:

Whether you're creating an ad for a newspaper, magazine, billboard, or trade show booth, you'll need a seasoned photographer with an eye for detail. And that's where Deborah Scannell Photography comes in. As an established advertising photographer in Asheville, NC, Deborah Scannell Photography has the tools and skills to help you sell your product, art or service.

Deborah Scannell Photography is committed to providing excellent value and outstanding service. Deborah Scannell Photography will approach it with a meticulous attention to detail. Whether you're an individual looking to promote a service or you're an ad agency exec tasked with a major product launch, you can expect the same level of professionalism and dedication every step of the way, e v e r y step of the way!

Food Photography:

Are you a chef looking to promote a new restaurant or a recipe developer wishing to pitch a new cookbook idea, the right photographer can help show off your culinary creations in the most favorable light.

Capturing food takes skill, talent, and awareness of details and light. So whether you're looking for imagery to add to a menu, catalog, or website, Deborah Scannell Photography can produce the high quality work you are looking for. No matter what type of food you're cooking up, we will create a set of images you'll be proud to put on display.

Product photography:

From artists who hire DSP to shoot their work for their online presence, to the designer, builder or architect that is producing an ad for a magazine, you'll need a seasoned photographer to show off your product in it's proper environment and shot under the right lighting conditions, capturing the essence and spirit of the product.  That's where DSP   comes in. As an established photographer in Asheville, NC, Deborah Scannell Photography has the tools, gear and skills to present your  product in an artful, appealing and thoughtful fashion. Our job is to make you shine and help you produce a successful campaign.

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