~ Prompt, professional and excellent at what she does. My review title says it all: Deb is highly skilled in all facets of the Photography business. I've been nothing but pleased in all my dealings with her.  Daniel McClendon, Artist, River Arts District, Asheville, NC

~ The Ramble. Biltmore Forest, Mountainair. Deborah is an excellent photographer, highly skilled in all aspects of her trade. She always does what she says she will do, from being punctual, to managing her time well, taking care of the clients home and getting the best shots. The end result will exceed your expectations. Please feel free to look at my website and see for yourself. Mason Elliott, Mason Elliot Designs, Ashley Kitchen & Bath

~ Our company launched a new website earlier this summer. In connection with this project, we had pleasure of working with several professional photographers in the area. Deb stands out because of her flexibility, energy, connections, and ideas for how best to arrange both indoor and outdoor spaces. Everybody who looks at our website comments on how high-quality the photos are. We have had a particularly great response to an outdoor shoot last fall, where Deb captured both the spirit behind our furniture and the beauty of the autumn setting. We look forward to working with Deb again when we have an interior shoot.  - Brian Boggs Chairmakers, Asheville, NC

~We have been using Deborah to photograph our design-build remodeling projects in Charlotte for a several years. As a photographer with an extensive interior design background she knows what we, as designers are looking for in professional photographs. I was very impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and the end product. Even the most beautiful spaces need a top-notch photographer, especially one who is willing to spend the time in post production phase to make the images come alive.  Chelsea Allard, Designer, Case Remodeling 

~ The most expensive homes I represent require the eye of an architectural photographer to present the excellence of design, quality and details in an elegant manner with natural lighting. It requires seeing the end product through the lens in real time. It should never look tinny or harsh no detail should be overlooked. Deb produces those photos and is always ready to step back and make it better. - Ann Skoglund, Realtor, Beverly-Hanks and Associates.

~I have fallen in love with all of Deb's work. I have purchased several photographs in various formats. If I had a question or issue regarding the various formats, etc., no question was ever left unanswered. I felt like I was taken care off from start to finish. When I received my packages they were packed to perfection. In every step, from choosing a photograph to receiving my package was top-notch. A very professional and personable photographer, and the photography - SPECTACULAR ! - Nancy Koci

~ Deborah has a great eye for getting the perfect shots! The angles are well thought our and composed so that the rooms look inviting, bright, yet still very real. I appreciate your insight, passion and your dedication to each photo shoot. Deborah is professional, easy to communicate with and fun. Deborah has fantastic skills! The greatest value I can bring to a seller and buyer is the visual presentation of a home. Professional photography is one of the best marketing tools I have invested in. - Michelle McElroy, Realtor, Beverly-Hanks And Associates

~I have the privilege of having several of Deb's photographs hanging in my home. Her ability to capture not just the beauty but the emotion in her scenes is remarkable. In addition, I have had the opportunity to view her architectural photography. This work is magnificent. It captures not only the craftsmanship and design of the scene but the mood/emotion as well. Her work is spectacular! - Kathleen G.

~I use Deb exclusively to photograph my listings. Her photos make my listings stand out from others due to her attention to detail and experience. She is able to capture the ambiance of a home while also showing the flow and details. Since I started using her my average DOM (days on the market) has dropped by over 40%! Good photography works! Deb Scannell is a true professional is every sense of the word. She is great with my clients (and their kids and pets!), delivers on her promises, and goes above and beyond to get it right. Her passion for her art is evident throughout every step of the process. I can wholeheartedly recommend Deb and look forward to working with her again soon.   - Jamie Turner, Realtor, Beverly-Hanks & Associates.

~ These workshops with Deborah Scannell are hands down the best, period! Worth every single penny and then some. I had the privilege to attend one of the workshops at Soco Falls and it surely was an incredible experience all around. I had the opportunity to spend some time just asking questions and let me say, that not only her knowledge, but the experience to back it up, is way above and beyond. Excellence is so obvious; you can get an idea by just checking out her work… We’re talking Photography With Soul no kidding!!!! I can go on and on… All i can say is that now I find myself addicted to capturing images in ways I never dreamed of, thanks to all the things I learned from Deborah in about 1-1/2 hour and the screencast she put together afterwards to show her post processing workflow which is an invaluable part of the workshop. So, if you’re serious about taking your photography skills to a next level, this is for you. Can’t beat the experience of learning in person from a photographer of this caliber who happens to have an incredible spirit and genuine interest to share with others… Enjoy!! Luis Diaz - See more at: http://blog.deborahscannellphotography.com/mini-workshop-signup-page/#sthash.ZvqnNMaH.dpuf

~  As one who has attended a workshop at this amazing location, I want to encourage anyone who desiring to expand their photography skills, to take advantage of this opportunity. The location is epic. No exaggeration, the view is beyond comparison! This is the perfect place to learn and practice with one of the best! Deborah has a talent for communicating the principles and techniques in an easy to understand way. For example, when I attended, I was the least experienced of the group. I had JUST gotten my first DSLR and I didn't even know how to set it to shoot RAW! The other students were far more experienced than I. Nevertheless, Deborah was able to get me started without overwhelming me with too much data, AND she was able to educate and challenge the more experienced photographers in attendance. Her delivery is casual and easy going. In other words, you really feel like your sitting on a front porch with a friend. She encourages questions and answers all of them with patience and a sincere desire for participants to understand. This workshop was very beneficial to me, and was the catalyst that got me started learning more. I am looking forward to this years workshop, as it will be interesting to attend knowing SO much more than I did the first time. Anyone who attends will NOT regret the time spent. As if the on site workshop isn't enough, Deborah follow up with a post processing tutorial!!! This is amazingly helpful and a very nice part of the class. Another note--for anyone who is unfamiliar with this location--it is very easy to get to, with a large flat parking lot. The location to set up the tripods is flat and easy to traverse, so if anyone has health concerns, this is VERY easy. And, last but not least, there are (ahem) facilities. Yes, that is one of the things I like about this location. The workshop is several hours and having a bathroom is important! I'm looking forward to it!  - Kim Roberts

~ Went to an AMAZING workshop today! SoCo Falls with Deborah A Scannell. This is my second workshop and I continue to be amazed at the learning I come away with. So many tidbits! She has an ability to share her knowledge in a very casual, straightforward way, she's not one to over complicate by adding an over abundance of "tech" speak (which I appreciate, I'll save all the extra tech speak for a rainy day - oh wait, I'll save the rainy day to shoot waterfalls). I encourage y'all to try to make it to a workshop this season! I can't get enough! Thanks to Deb for offering these incredible workshop opportunities. I'll be posting my workshop photo soon...

~ We had three showings yesterday (one day after I put pics and virtual tour on MLS) and had a full-price offer by the end of the day. The owners have accepted. Woo hoo! Thanks for the beautiful pictures! Every one of the clients who looked at the home said they previewed the pictures/virtual tour and fell in love with the house even before they saw it!  ~ Nikki Fine , Janet Whitworth

~ I have fallen in love with all of Deb's work. I have purchased several photographs in various formats. If I had a question or issue regarding the various formats, etc., no question was ever left unanswered. I felt like I was taken care off from start to finish. When I received my packages they were packed to perfection. In every step, from choosing a photograph to receiving my package was top-notch. A very professional and personable photographer, and the photography - SPECTACULAR !  Nancy Koci

~ I'm totally in love with two I've purchased, thanks for bringing beauty into my heart and home - Jacque Apostol

~  Your photography is among the finest I've seen. Thank you for always making our fb beautiful. We can't wait for your next picture… - Phillip and Michelle

~ We received our beautiful print today , just got it opened and was speechless ! My husband (Allen) was so happy , it is cold wet and kind of a nasty day here , but when we saw that picture it just kind of made it all go away ! He said we have been there and stood on that rock ! All your work is great , but having something of a place that we have seen meant so much . Thank you so much for doing what you do ! Can't wait to pick out our next one ! Joyce

~  Windy Ridge just went under contract!! After 38 days !! Your great photography did the job for the client and me both! THANK YOU Deborah!!  - Joelle Van Den Berg, Beverly-Hanks

~ Deborah....You are truly an artist. You've captured the Southern Appalachian I've known since I was a boy in the 50's. Thank you.  - Dave McLaughlin

~ Hi Deb, Just wanted to thank you for posting all these pictures. I was showing them to my wife on full screen and she enjoyed them so much, especially the Fall colors and the ones with pretty clouds. She has macro-degeneration and is seeing less and less but these pictures gave her much enjoyment ( I really enjoy them too!) . Thanks so much!

- Bob Graham

~ My husband and I were at Rejavantaion Cafe today and I kept looking across the room at the waterfall picture. I finally got up and looked closely....and realized it was yours! Of course we had to look at all the photos then...they are all so beautiful!!  

- Eden Ann Hooks Gay

~  "Hi, I just wanted to say I love your photos! It's clear you have a passion for photography, it shines through the wondrous moments you manage to capture. Of course the area you live in seems to be quite wondrous as well, that always helps!"

- Iona Orbinski

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